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The West River Residents Association consists of 750 houses and 12 apartment buildings on the 20 immediate streets that surround you. Between eight and twelve of your fellow neighbours volunteer their time serving on the Board of Directors of the WRRA and dealing with issues that affect all of us as residents. Their efforts have resulted in many improvements to our neighbourhood, as well as the various events that everyone enjoys. You can see who the current members of the Board are by clicking here.


Other neighbours volunteer their help at community social events and activities like planting trees and flowers, cleaning up on Earth Day, helping with our annual picnic, and in many other ways.

Out of a community of 750 houses plus apartments there are over 3,000 people in our neighbourhood. Yet only about 150 households a year become members of the WRRA.

Please consider joining and helping to support your community. By paying the annual $10.00 per household dues you show you care. When members of our community become involved in orgaznized activities or go up to Town Hall to represent West River on neighbourhood issues, it is important for these more active neighbours to know that they represent a supportive group of residents that are behind their association, even if it is only by means of monetary assistance.

We also could use more volunteers than the standard 40-60 that always seem to come forward. We need YOUR help NOW! Please volunteer.




Apartment dwellers are residents of the WRRA area too! Please join us. This is your home and your neighbourhood. We need everyone to get involved. Become active in our community today.



Our motto is "Many hands make small jobs"
Get involved
Take on a job
Make a difference
Show you care
Know your neighbour
Pitch in
Give us a hand

Need we say more?
Please give just 1 or 2 hours a year to your community.

Write to us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it