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DSC 0136 cropped and adjustedFor evidence that the Kerr Village neighbourhood is undergoing a transformation, there is no need to go further than a visit to Olivo Fresco and engaging in a discussion about food with its owner, Georgette Theodore.

Those who live in the Kerr Village neighbourhood can't help but observe the changes that are underway, transforming the area into a more and more diverse collection of businesses and services. While some enterprises come and go, others thrive and consistently rate accolades from their loyal customers.

What brings these varied shops and people to Kerr Village? WRRA Board Member Sandy Moshenko decided to find out through a series of interviews with entrepreneurs and service providers in the neighbourhood.

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Georgette hails from Halifax, NS and her husband, John, from Toronto. Their decision to open a business that specializes in the finest of olive oils and balsamic vinegars is a reflection of their dedication to quality and the enjoyment of good food.

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A recent visit to Olivo Fresco found Georgette managing the business, while John was touring eastern Canada - he's a professional musician. If you're lucky, as I was when I first visited the newly opened shop in December 2012, John will be in residence and play a few tunes on the store's piano while you sample some of the more than 20 natural olive oils and 20 balsamic vinegars.

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With a little coaxing, Georgette tells the story of how she and John came to live in Oakville and operate this business.

The couple was living in Halifax when Georgette's contract as a teacher ended. With few teaching opportunities available in the area they decided to broaden their horizons and pursue a more unusual path. Embarking on a three year stint as teachers in the United Arab Emirates, they resided in Ras al Khaimah, north of Dubai, and immersed themselves in the exotic culture where every day presented a new discovery.

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Returning to Halifax following this adventure with still no teaching positions available, the idea of moving to Ontario and starting their own business was hatched. Since Georgette had previously worked in the food industry as a caterer and restaurant manager, the leap to operating a food store wasn't huge. And with John's 90 year old mother requiring assistance in Toronto, the move to Ontario had a practical side.

Georgette chose not to live in Toronto, preferring a community that was more similar to her beloved Halifax, and after a bit of research the pair determined that Oakville and Kerr Village was the perfect location for them and their business.

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Since opening the store eight months ago, John and Georgette have made their presence felt by contributing to charities such as Because I am a Girl, the May Court and Halton Trauma Centre. They have hosted corporate and private tasting parties where participants receive an education in the benefits of their natural, high quality products as well as interesting recipes for their use. Plans for expansion are already in the works.

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Georgette has also found that her background in education has been useful in helping her customers understand the natural products that she sells and their many benefits and uses.

When asked what it is that Georgette most likes about her business, she hesitates only slightly before explaining the joy that she experiences to be able to talk and think about food all day. Central to each day in the lives of Georgette and John is the delight of planning and preparing an evening meal, using the best fresh and natural products available.

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Georgette Theodore is just one of the entrepreneurial people in our neighbourhood. For her, being in Kerr Village means finding many like-minded folks committed to food excellence, making the neighbourhood a destination for those who enjoy and prepare outstanding food.

For something REALLY delicious take a couple of spoonfuls of Olivo Fresco Blackberry Ginger Dark Balsamic vinegar, drizzle it over berries and serve with a scoop of gelato. It is decadent!

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