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Closeup framedIt is hard to imagine a more circuitous and unlikely route to Kerr Village than the one taken by Vina Jagtiani Morland.

Born in India, raised in Bahrain, educated in California and Chicago, married to a Brit, resident of London, Portugal and South Africa, Vina is now a happily settled inhabitant of Kerr Village and a recently minted Pilates and Yoga instructor at the Oakville Seniors Centre.

How all of this unfolded is a tale of adventure, love and courage.

Those who live in the Kerr Village neighbourhood can't help but observe the changes that are underway, transforming the area into a more and more diverse collection of businesses and services. While some enterprises come and go, others thrive and consistently rate accolades from their loyal customers.

What brings these varied shops and people to Kerr Village? WRRA Board Member Sandy Moshenko decided to find out through a series of interviews with entrepreneurs and service providers in the neighbourhood.

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As Vina tells it, she was a restless 28 year old, living in Bahrain with her parents and working for National Cash Register in the 1980's when the adventure bug bit. With little real planning she applied for a visa to study at Brooks College in Long Beach, California - an educational institution that she selected based on the fact that it was near the ocean and boasted warm climates. She describes herself as unprepared for life in a college dormitory, citing her oversized luggage "as large as her dormitory room" as evidence of this. This was her first introduction to North America.Vina02 edited frame2

Pursued by an interesting young man from the UK she moved to Chicago. Before long, she and David were married while David continued studies towards an MBA and Vina completed her college certificate from the Academy of Fashion Merchandising and Design. And that was just the beginning of her travelling adventures.

From Chicago, David's work took Vina and their family, which grew to include two daughters (now 23 and 21), to London, Portugal and South Africa. When David came home with the news that there was an opportunity to move to Canada, Vina was horrified; she had no cold weather clothing or experience and had really hoped that the family would some day return to the US.

You may have noticed that up until this point in Vina's story there is no mention of yoga or Pilates. That chapter was yet to be written.

Once the family had moved and settled in Oakville in 1998, Vina quickly realised that her role as a mother was changing as her daughters matured and became independent. With more and more time to fill and little work experience given all of the family's moves, Vina occupied her time with trips to the gym and volunteer work.

Vina14 edited frame 5Meanwhile, David was casting about for a suitable gift for Vina's upcoming birthday. He had noticed her interest in the gym and, with confidence in her untested abilities to lead and educate, he signed Vina up for an intensive course that would prepare her to be a Pilates instructor. Vina was dismayed when she received the gift. This was a direction that she had never considered and she was not at all confident that she had the courage to lead groups.

Nonetheless, she persevered and on her 50th birthday received her certification as a Pilates instructor. She has since gone on to achieve certification as a Yoga instructor.

Before long, Vina was in demand as an instructor for children and adults. Among other commitments, Vina now teaches two classes weekly at the Seniors Centre where her confidence, understanding and respectful approach keep students returning again and again.

For Vina, moving to Oakville and settling in Kerr Village could not have turned out better. It was as though all of this was meant to be! Vina observes that the reality of how nice people are has been illustrated to her again and again. What could be better, she says, than to do work that makes you feel good inside while at the same time making you look good outside.

This is the best of reasons to be in Kerr Village.



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