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BridgeParketterbenchviewLocated beside the bridge at the head of Queen Mary Drive.

This parkette was adopted by the WRRA in the spring of 2007. The bridge area has been raked and maintained by residents for many years.

In Fall 2006, the ladies of Ladies Night Out planted 100 spring bulbs and purchased the park bench which was installed in August 2007 overlooking the river. The concrete step was ramped and some railing was removed to make the area more pleasing to the eye.


The WRRA welcome sign, purchased in 2009, stands on this green space with barrels filled with seasonal flowers provided by the residents association. The ladies of Ladies Night Out (a community dinner held 4 times a year) purchased the sitting bench with their raffle funds. This bench provides a perfect view of the river.  A new flower and shrub garden will be planted in the Spring/Summer 2010 with the co-operation of the Town and WRRA volunteers. Many of the perennial plants you will see have been donated by neighbours who have excess plants in their own gardens. Sit a spell and enjoy the view.

WelcomeSignJune09 RedChestnutblossoms

WRRA resident Sharon Williams donated a Red Chestnut tree which was planted beside the bench at the Shepherd Road bridge.  When in bloom it shows beautiful pink chestnut blossoms.