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2011 New Pathway Anderson Bridge ParketteLocated at the corner of Forsythe and Rebecca Streets.

The Anderson Bridge was opened in 1961. Up until then, there was a bridge for the tracks of the radial cars that ran to Hamilton and back. Many people used the old tracks as a walkway to downtown.

A big "thank you" goes out to the Oakville Horticultural Society for kindly and lovingly looking after this Parkette for many years now. They come in the spring and tend to its gardens, which are beautiful to look at every time we enter our community from the south end.

The Horticultural Society completely redesigned the garden in the Spring of 2011 into a state of the art, sustainable, biodiverse garden, in cooperation with the Royal Botanical Gardens. The new garden is an exemplar of a program the Society is launching called "Biodiversity Boulevards".

2011 New Pathway Anderson Bridge Parkette

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