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Timely information about the West River area

01-18 Daisy2DAISY

Breed: Hound/Siberian Husky
Sex: Female/spayed
Age: 9 months


I am Daisy the wonder-dog! I can fly from one distraction to the next in less than a heartbeat. I can soar effortlessly over obstacles and probably jump higher than any Olympian!

You can say that I am high energy and in need of a "job". I would love to learn how to play dog sports and continue my education with my new family to help guide me. I am a little goofy but love to learn new skills and play interactive games with people.

Seeing other dogs can sometimes over-excite me but it is only because I want to play! I will need help on my greeting skills but would likely get along well with another doggie pal.

I am friendly and social with people but I do not always consider my large size and strength. I can easily harm smaller children without intending to so I would be suitable in home where family members are 16 years or older.

Are you looking for an active, motivated, friendly AND unique-looking young hound?

Please stop by the Oakville & Milton Humane Society to meet me. I cannot wait to find my new forever family!

The Oakville Milton Humane Society is located at 445 Cornwall Road.
905 845-1551




The rinks at Forster Park are now open for the winter season!

A big shout-out of thanks to Steve McCulloch, Dan Williams
and the rest of the neighbourhood volunteers
whose tireless efforts make
all this fun possible!


DSC 1194v1v2

We've uploaded nearly 400 fabulous photographs from this year's Santa Claus Parade on November 18 for you to enjoy. They were taken by WRRA Vice-President Craig Schiller, who's also the Official Photographer for the Parade.

You can see them by clicking here, or as they scroll on the left side of this page.


Board of Directors

At it's October meeting, the Board elected a new Executive. The Officers are: Ted Haugen, President; Craig Schiller, Vice-President; Kelly Jo Walden, Secretary; and Quentin Stossel, Treasurer.

At that same meeting, new Board Member Fraser Damoff was sworn in.

You can see the complete Board along with their bios here.


PaulJemison adjusted

At the Annual General Meeting held on October 19, WRRA President Paul Jemison announced he was stepping down from the position as of the October Board meeting.

A big THANK you from all of us in West River. Your stewardship has been exceptional this past year, and in your previous stints as President. We greatly appreciate it!


WRRA Fall 2017 Newsletter Final cs p1 inset

Our Fall 2017 Newsletter has now been posted online.

To keep costs reasonable, the newsletter is duplicated in black and white for distribution to neighbourhood homes. But you can see it here in glorious colour, as it was produced!

You can find it here.


Flower barrels July 2017

A big THANK YOU to the neighbourhood volunteers for keeping
our community barrels looking so beautiful!


Florence Park reno lighter

The rehabilitation of Florence Park consists of
a replacement of the playground structure,
pea gravel replacement with wood fiber surfacing,
plastic edging, as well as new perimeter curbing.

Work is estimated to be completed by the end of July.


Ali Qamar - Kerr St clinic

There is a new doctor at the Kerr Street Medical Clinic. His name is Dr. Ali Qamar, and he says he is "very excited to start his practice in beautiful Kerr Village."

The emphasis of the clinic is on comprehensive family medicine, preventative care, chronic disease management and counselling. They will take the time to listen to your issues - no problem is too big or too small.

The Kerr Street Mecdical Clinic is located at 344 Kerr Street. Free parking is available behind the clinic.


Lakeshore reconstruction1


road closed detour signs
Starting Thursday, January 5, you'll notice some changes when driving through downtown Oakville. Navy Street between Lakeshore and Rebecca/Randall has been permanently converted to a two-way street.

As well, the town's first pedestrian crossover will be added at Navy and Church.

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Westwood Park09

West River is lucky to have a number of lovely parks. Do you know how many there are, and where?

You can find out here.


Karmah is a plant-based eatery featuring an on-site bakery and cold-pressed juicery.

It's a quick service restaurant operating between the hours of Tuesday through Saturday, 10 a.m.to 8 p.m. and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Especially if you're into raw and vegan style meals, go and check them out.

Karmah staff fixed
(L. to R.) Ashley Deland, owner, Jenn Wall, head chef,
and Kathy Dvorski, head baker

Karmah is located at 343A Kerr Street. 905 808-8560. www.karmah.ca.


Washroom Forster Park

Forster Park has served as a hub for the West River Area since its development in the late 1950’s. Over the years the amenities available in the park have improved. The most significant recent addition has been the popular splash pad used by kids and adults alike during the often sultry summer days. Next on the Town’s list of improvements is the replacement of the washrooms. Built in 1960, the washrooms do not meet contemporary standards for accessibility and have been deemed to be at the end of their useful life.

Members of the WRRA Board participated in a planning process with the Town that included consultation on the design options and timeframe for the project. The Town also held a broader community consultation. The final designs included integrated display surfaces for public art in order to accommodate an earlier project initiated by the WRRA Board with input from the community.

Demolition of the existing washroom and construction of the new were to begin during January, 2016 with a completion date sometime during the summer of 2016.\

Unfortunately, the tender process undertaken by the Town to select a builder was unsuccessful in producing a suitable bid which complied with the Town’s approved budget. Town staff, in concert with the architect for the project, will now explore other design considerations as well as submit a request for more money for the project.

The bottom line is that the project will not proceed as planned during 2016. If the redesign and increased budget proceed as hoped, the Town will award the contract in early 2017.\

\If there is a positive side to this delay, it is that the current washroom facilities will be available for public use over the coming summer and there will be no construction disruption to park activities, including the annual WRRA neighbourhood picnic.



image1 smaller

The neighbourhood ladies had a great time as always
at the latest Ladies Night Out on November 30
at Mo's Kitchen and Tavern.

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IMG 9090A flock of parents and happy kids braved the chilly weather and had loads of fun at the 6th Annual WRRA Pumpkin Parade in Westwood Park on November 1. There were loads of carved pumpkins, some scary, some funny, and all ingenious.

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DSC 0858 insetWRRA residents attended the Annual General Meeting on Thursday, October 19 to pay their dues and hear some neighbourhood news.

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There have been reports of rats, at times numerous, in our neighbourhood, particularly on Florence Drive (especially in the park), Queen Mary and Kingswood Road.

Here is some information from Halton Region which you may find useful:

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Bronte trail header

Planning your next daytime adventure? The Bronte Heritage Trail lets you take a walk back in time as you stroll across 2 kilometers of scenic waterfront, harbour, village and beach backdrops. Follow your map on the Bronte BIA app to locate the beacons throughout Bronte Village to receive notifications to your phone containing historical information about this Lake Ontario Port founded in 1834. 
Download the Bronte BIA app to access the Bronte Heritage Trail!
Click here for more information: http://brontevillage.net/bronte-heritage-trail/

Tree planting

A number of large Ash trees were cut down in Forster Park this Spring due to a serious infestation of Emerald Ash Borers. They are invasive insects from Asia that attack and kill untreated Ash trees.

Some trees can be treated – unfortunately many of the trees in our park were too far gone.

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oakville bus and depot

Oakville Automatic Vehicle Locators (AVL) pinpoint the exact location of buses, public works vehicles and fire trucks in real-time, so residents and staff will no longer have to guess. Residents will have this new information available on their smart phones, computers, and tablets. Town of Oakville staff presented the AVL information to Oakville Council on June 26, 2017 .

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Dogwalker girl

Maddy Beese is offering a dogwalking service to West River residents.

You can find her listing and other neighbour helpers here.


Oakville bus

Per WRRA member Miguel Gomes, who arranged the session with Oakville transit regarding speeding buses on Queen Mary a few months ago:

Oakville Transit Supervisors will be parked on side streets and Queen Mary for the next few weeks monitoring the speed of buses again as it is getting out of control. Buses have been clocked doing up to 70kms/hr.


Harjeev Brar smallDid you know that Kerr Village and West River have a new Community Constable? His name is Harjeev Brar. Find out how to get in touch with him here.


Kerr st clinic announcement 2



Did you know that some of our neighbourhood's best shops and businesses
advertise right here on our website?

You can see them all by clicking here.

And please - support our local businesses!


Oakville hosipital new renderingA number of West River residents filled out a survey in September on the impact of the Oakville Hospital move.

The results have been collected and the report has been presented to the Mississauga Halton Local Health Integration Network and passed on to the Mayor and Councillors.

You can read the report by clicking here.